Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ready, Set, Grow

A few years ago, I saw an ad for some Children's books. It was a series called, "Ready, Set, Grow!"

The topic of Christian growth is interesting. In many ways we treat Christian growth like it was series of Children's books. There are steps along the way, certain introductory classes to attend, maybe even a church membership class followed by Baptism.

I don't think that is the model we should be teaching. Or better yet, this is probably not the teaching we should be modeling.

Early in my Christian walk, my pastor told me that true discipleship is more easily caught than taught. We are living in a world that is exploding with information. We have more opportunities for good Bible study material, self-improvement books on being a better Christian dad, mom, husband, wife and even Pastor than we ever thought we needed.

However, discipleship is not to be a book study, it is to be a road.

Jesus said, "Follow me". When we follow we will be on "el camino nuevo" or the new road. A road that has danger, true obstacles and pitfalls. We need to follow Jesus however to become like Him. In that process we become disciples.

But who is a disciple? How are to we to know if we are becoming a disciple and how do we make disciples? Well, in Luke 6:40 Jesus says that a disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher (WEB)

Becoming like Jesus is obviously not a quick process. It is however well worth the effort. Jesus spent a little over three years in public ministry. During that time he taught his disciples about mercy, about heaven, about character, about money, about politics and about priorities. He didn't just teach them theory or interesting models of self-improvement. He taught them truth.

Pretty real stuff. Well worth the effort.

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