Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking for Mr./Ms. Right?

So do you think that maybe there is a soul mate out there for you?

You know, the one person that will make you complete. If you find him or her, you’ll be able to play “Bless the Broken Road” at your wedding and know that there was one person that every sign post pointed to and that everything was all part of grand plan to bring the two of you together.

That may be a very romantic and sentimental thought but I was asked recently if it is Biblical. In other words, does the Bible say that there is a perfect person out there for you, what some would say is a “soul mate”?

Great question and here is my direct and somewhat thoughtful answer.

“God is more interested in you being the right person than you finding the right person.”

If that went by you so fast you didn’t catch it, let me repeat: “God is much more interested and intent on you becoming the right person, including the right person in a relationship and ultimately a marriage, than you finding that person that will ring every bell, or make you happy in every way."

The instructions in the Bible regarding relationships and marriage are pretty simple. Among these instructions are the principles of honor and respect. These principles start when a couple starts dating. The bible never tells us that we are to get all of our happiness from another person or in sexual gratification, before or after marriage.

The Bible says that happiness actually comes from contentment. God’s love for us is never-ending and unfailing. God is the one that provides for us, give us purpose and ultimately gives you your spouse, your mate and the person that completes you (note, that is to be one person, don't read it as three).

Here’s another way to answer the question, "Is there one special person out there to be your soul mate?"

Long before we were born, God knew us. He loved us so much that He sent Christ to die for us so that we may have eternal life with Him. In His love He has provided all things for us (Phil 4:19). These things included ultimately the family we are born into and the person that we marry.

If we are willing to allow God to lead, we then follow in the footsteps as He directs. Trusting in God, keeping yourself pure and dedicated to what God wants for your life will lead you to that soul mate. Here is what the Psalmist declares:

“How can those who are young keep their way pure?
By living according to your word.” Psalm 119: 9-10 (TNIV)


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